"Help our Library grow! Make a tax deductible contribution to the Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, Inc., c/o Jersey City Free Public Library, 472 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07302."

The Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, Inc. is chartered in Jersey City as a 501 © 3 organization to receive charitable gifts. You can contribute to the foundation with gifts of cash, property, securities or real estate, trust arrangements, bequests in wills and by naming the foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy. The foundation hopes to encourage individuals and organizations to make financial contributions to the foundation to assure that the library can continue its exceptional service far into the future.

The Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, Inc. was established on January 27, 2004 to support the mission of the library- to provide services and materials for the education, enrichment and entertainment of the people of Jersey City.

Almost all of the library buildings are in desperate need of capital improvements. Over the next five years the library's capital plan calls for building modifications to meet Americans with Disabilities requirements, enhance energy efficiency, and modernize heating, plumbing and electrical plants. The bulk of the spending is for the oldest buildings in the library system- buildings that have a great history behind them but also a vital role to play in the modern age. Long term, the library also seeks to replace a couple of the smallest neighborhood branches with new facilities large enough to accommodate the surging numbers of library users in those neighborhoods.

The $14 million, five-year construction plan would enable the Jersey City Free Public Library to better serve the city, especially its low and moderate-income residents. The construction work would provide efficient facilities for employment and for library users; many of those users tap library books and computers to find work or to upgrade their job skills for the future.

Jersey City Free Public Library is an important part of our community. It helps children learn about the past and enables them to prepare for the future. "The door to your future is technology! The key to your future is knowledge!"

Priscilla Gardner
Executive Director, Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, Inc.

Foundation Trustees

Executive Director: Priscilla Weaver-Gardner

Chairman: Michael A. Ryan

Treasurer: Joseph Panepinto Jr., Esq.

Roselyn Jackson
Alma Burnett
Anthony Gardner
Jermaine Pharmes

Melissa Banks-Shillingford
Curt Harris
Nancy Clayman
Sharon M. White
Eyal Shuster



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The Jersey City Free Public Library, with its nine branches and bookmobile, has enriched the lives of people of our neighborhoods and community. The residents of Jersey City (247,597,2010 U.S. Census) have open access to information, knowledge, collections, programs, services, technology, etc., to meet their needs.

For over 100 years this library has reached out to the people of Hudson County, the State of New Jersey and the country to meet the needs of individual citizens who requested assistance or information.

As we enter the new millennium, it will be necessary to meet the challenges/needs of an ever-growing city. It is a time of tremendous change in Jersey City - a city that may become the first city in the State of New Jersey. There is a need to renew old neighborhood libraries, a need for a new community/business library on the waterfront and a new central library at Journal Square to accommodate the Main Library collection. New services and programs will be provided, collections developed, technology updated, etc.

In recent years an increasing number of public libraries have formed foundations. Usually this has been done to provide a method for alternative fundraising. Public libraries are poorly funded; no one who works in them will dispute this. Tax dollars do not stretch to cover inflation in the publishing industry, advancements in technology or staffing costs.


A foundation is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization with funds and programs managed by its own trustees or directors and established to maintain or aid social, educational, charitable, religious or other activities serving the common welfare, primarily through the making of grants.

Foundations in one form or another have been around at least since ancient Egypt and Greece used charitable trusts to support religious and educational activities. The English legally defined them in their statutes in the 1600’s. But it had been the Americans who have really developed the concept of the general purpose foundation. Andrew Carnegie, a name familiar to all public librarians, established the Carnegie Corporation in 1911 and since then foundations with broad charitable purposes have flourished.


Jersey City Free Public Library (JCFPL) has developed a first-time, broad-based and aggressive fundraising and grant program. The funds received from this foundation will be used to buy books and computers, rehabilitate the nine branches, the Bookmobile and the Main Library, replace antiquated equipment and worn furniture, relocate to City-owned properties some of the small storefront libraries, and to purchase a new bookmobile with ADA accessibility and to provide ADA accessibility to all branches.


The goal is to have a net income of $5,000,000 within the next 5 years.


Providing revenues to the library to enhance services in the most direct and observable activity of a library foundation, but a foundation has other advantages for the institution.

Provident Bank Foundation - $50,000.00

Estate of Raymond A. Landis - $28,864.88

Goldman Sachs - $31,170.06

Healy Foundation $12,500.00

Comcast – $8,700.00

Wendy Kalil - $6,000.00

Michael Ryan $5,000.00
Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley Law Offices - $2,000
Helena Ruman Architects - $2,000

PSE&G - $1,500

Ethan Russell - $750.00
Andrew Anderson - $500.00

Christian Coon – $250.00

Gary Murphy - $150.00

Alexander L. Donohue - $150.00

Jigruksh Trivedi – $50.00

Jennifer Gautier - $50.00

Saro Kalayjian – $50.00

Daniel Chall – $25.00

Josephine Go – $25.00

William Laventhal – $25.00

Anonymous Givers


Martha Larkins & William M. Vasil
Harwood Properties, LLC

Nancy and Nathan Sambul

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Pershing LLC
Maureen Crowley


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