Summer Jam 2011


Library Foundation Fundraiser – “Summer Jam” –

Held at Michael Anthony’s After a Whirlwind of Changes – & Still Well-Attended & Successful!

“Jammin – 1) Chillin out / Hangin out, 2) Listening to music, 3) Means to chill out and relax, 4) Hanging out playing music / Generally having a bit of a laugh, 5) Casually playing an instrument (usually a guitar) with another person, and 6) When you hang around somewhere with your friends.”

That full definition from the Urban Dictionary is all anyone needs to know about jammin, the slang use of the word jammin’ from Jamaican patois. “Summer Jam,” the annual fundraiser from the Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, embodies all that’s relaxed and fun, where library staff members let their proverbial hair down and party with library supporters from all over!

Summer Jam,” held on Thursday evening, September 29, two weeks after its original date of September 15, at Michael Anthony’s instead of Library Foundation Chairman Mike Ryan’s latest incarnation of P.J. Ryan’s, now located at 292 Barrow Street (at corner of Mercer Street). Due to Hurricane Irene and the supremely soggy weather for weeks on end, opening of the establishment had been delayed.


“Now is a pivotal time in the history of the Jersey City library system, and I’m happy to do my part, making sure there is enough money raised for much-needed capital projects,” said Mike Ryan.

Proceeds from this Library Foundation fundraiser will go to renovate the Main Library, which includes upgrading its rest rooms and elevator to be disabled-accessible and ADA-compliant.

“I have seen photos of the new PJ Ryan’s and they were awesome.  I just can’t wait for the grand opening, knowing Michael, it’s going to have much charisma and class,” said Library Director Priscilla Gardner. “With Mike Ryan at the helm of the Library Foundation, our fundraisers have always been very successful, with everyone having the greatest time.”

Donations can be made throughout the year, with checks being payable to: Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, Inc. Send to: Priscilla Gardner, Executive Director, Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, Inc., 472 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07302.

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