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Pictures with Santa

Pictures with Santa 2011 – Wow!!!

There’s always a smile on a child’s face when asked this question at Christmastime, “Want to have your picture taken with Santa?”

Santa came to town, all right…to the Bonetti Children’s Room on Wednesday, December 7, 2011, and the room was packed! The pictures below show that some children squirmed instead of giving a big smile, but you’ll see that Santa made some library staff happy, too!

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Christmas Party Toy Giveaway 2011

Success breeds success! The Greenville Branch Library held its second annual Christmas Party Toy Giveaway on December 22, 2011 so the community and Jersey City children could share a bit of holiday cheer together, and from the photos, it’s clear everyone was infused with Christmas Spirit!

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New Jersey Room Returns 220 Year Old Book to Library of Virginia

Lost & Found:

Lost – Court Records, Stafford County, VA, prepared October 1791
– By NJ Room, Jersey City Free Public Library

Witness – The Return of this 220-year-old Volume to its rightful owners, the Virginia State Archives, on Thursday, October 20
Volume taken on March 30, 1863
by Capt. W.A. Treadwell, 4th NY Regiment as Spoils of Civil War

New Jersey wasn’t a battleground state during the Civil War, yet a surprising ‘find’ by the New Jersey Room of the Jersey City Free Public Library brings the Civil War into local focus, up front and center, during this 150th commemorative year of that war’s beginning.

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Summer Jam 2011


Library Foundation Fundraiser – “Summer Jam” –

Held at Michael Anthony’s After a Whirlwind of Changes – & Still Well-Attended & Successful!

“Jammin – 1) Chillin out / Hangin out, 2) Listening to music, 3) Means to chill out and relax, 4) Hanging out playing music / Generally having a bit of a laugh, 5) Casually playing an instrument (usually a guitar) with another person, and 6) When you hang around somewhere with your friends.”

That full definition from the Urban Dictionary is all anyone needs to know about jammin, the slang use of the word jammin’ from Jamaican patois. “Summer Jam,” the annual fundraiser from the Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, embodies all that’s relaxed and fun, where library staff members let their proverbial hair down and party with library supporters from all over!

Summer Jam,” held on Thursday evening, September 29, two weeks after its original date of September 15, at Michael Anthony’s instead of Library Foundation Chairman Mike Ryan’s latest incarnation of P.J. Ryan’s, now located at 292 Barrow Street (at corner of Mercer Street). Due to Hurricane Irene and the supremely soggy weather for weeks on end, opening of the establishment had been delayed.

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Main Library Closed

*The Main Library will be closed starting Monday, September 28, 2015 due to renovations and reopen on Monday, November 2, 2015. Read more

The Hair-Raiser Fundraiser

Come and join us for our spooktakular 12th Annual "The Hair-Raiser" Fundraiser on Thursday, October 22, 2015 starting at 6:00pm @ Pedestrian Mall - LITM 140 Newark Ave. Jersey City, NJ. Read More...

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