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A local dance group, the Yung Royalty’s, flew across the stage with hip-hop aplomb. There was a range of ages, from child to teen, and it was hard to know who was better – the girls or the boys! Any which way, the Yung Royalty’s provided great entertainment.

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Mr. Charles R. Cook, Jr. has been interacting in the Art of Storytelling for over 35 years, first in the educational arena, including various school districts, colleges, and the National Education Association and the New Jersey Education Association conferences. He also worked with churches; performing arts organizations – Walt Whitman Center, libraries – in Philadelphia, Newark and Jersey City; senior organizations; juvenile justice (New Jersey and Philadelphia); community outreach programs; and various other community-based organizations.

Presenting poetry with his father, Charles R. Cook Sr. is a privilege that shines brightly from son to father. This dynamic duo light up the stage with their poetry and presence.

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