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Like that character ‘Mayhem’ in a recent insurance company television commercial, life has a way of leaving devastation in its wake. These are times when a lawyer comes in handy.

The Jersey City Free Public Library offers legal information for free through seven monthly workshops, one held at each of the five regional branches, capped at either end with two workshops at the Main Library, given by lawyers from the law firm of Omojola & Associates, P.C.

Omojola & Associates, PC, is a New Jersey general practice law firm, looking to reach out to the community. Its principal attorney, Aderemilekun A. Omojola, is a former Jersey City resident who attended New Jersey City University and Seton Hall Law School. The firm has over 43 years of combined experience, with a team of attorneys eager to give the community the benefit of its legal knowledge by hosting free law workshops open to the public. All workshops are held from 5 to 7 p.m., with refreshments afterward.

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The British, and original, version of the popular genealogy show, Who Do You Think You Are? staged a video shoot at the Main Library’s New Jersey Room on Saturday, June 16, 2012, with an actress who just might be familiar with U.S. audiences: Samantha Womack.

Before you think, ‘Samantha who?’ think, EastEnders, a popular British drama shown on local PBS stations in the New York metropolitan area.

People come to the New Jersey Room, the special collection department at the Jersey City Free Public Library, when researching personal, and home, histories. Genealogy searches are done from phone calls throughout the world, as families who have settled here, have then moved on.

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