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The Jersey City Free Public Library, in special collaboration with Curious Matter Gallery, invites the public to a joint art exhibit, named, A TIME IN ARCADIA, a collection of works that gather inspiration from our botanical world.

On display at Curious Matter and the Jersey City Free Public Library is a two part collection of works by 33 contemporary artists. In addition, the library has created a bibliography featuring nearly 200 selections from the Main Library's six Departments and the Library's nine Branches.

“We dream of Arcadia. Whether it's called Eden or Shangri-la, we long for a verdant and fecund place where food comes without toil and peace fills our days. A Time in Arcadia is an exploration of plants, gardens and how we cultivate the earth,” said Raymond Mingst, co-owner of Curious Matter Gallery. “The Library loves this interactive idea. The public can see and use our beautiful books,” added Library Director Priscilla Gardner.

The Opening Reception was held on a rainy Sunday afternoon, May 19, at the Curious Matter Gallery, yet no one’s spirits were dampened! The steady stream of people viewing the botany-inspired art demonstrated art’s magnetic pull.

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Cristian Rodriguez receives award for Student Excellence

On April 20, 2013, staff, students and tutors attended the Literacy Volunteers of New Jersey annual Literacy for Life conference at Mercer County College. Cristian Rodriguez accepted an award for Student Excellence. Since joining the program in June 2012, Cristian passed his GED, obtained his driver’s license, enrolled at Hudson County Community College, obtained full-time employment, and is being trained to become a Deacon in his church. This is quite a turnaround for Cristian, whose life was headed in the opposite direction. After passing the GED, which he struggled with for a few years, his confidence escalated and he has become a productive citizen in society. Eighteen individuals represented the Jersey City Library Literacy Program at the conference.

Nationally syndicated broadcaster and author of the award-winning memoir, Most Unlikely to Succeed, Nelson Lauver spoke at the 2013 Literacy for Life Conference, and shared his keynote, “When You Get Knocked Down,” a thought-provoking and entertaining journey into the extraordinary potential within us all. Using his gift as a storyteller, Nelson shared his own story, as well as those of other “ordinary” Americans who refused to give up.

After years of struggling as a functionally illiterate adult, an amazing chance encounter and the utterance of one word – dyslexia – changed Lauver’s life.  He finally learned to read and write and set out on a journey that few would have imagined.

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Greenville's Christmas Party Toys Give-Away 2012

Topped Santa’s Spree!

Greenville branch manager Kenny Uko and his staff glowed with the Christmas Spirit as they prepared for the upcoming Christmas party, identifying gifts for either boys or girls of certain ages, and wrapping the presents carefully. Maybe it was the Christmas music in the background, or because giving away presents is such a fun task, but the camaraderie amongst everyone was palpable. Giving is so good for the soul. Can’t let Santa have all the fun!


The toys were donated from the Marine Toys for Tots program, and the amount of gifts totaled over 220 pieces. The annual Greenville party planners have gotten their organization down, and know just how to phrase the request in the flyer: “Please recommend less-privileged and needy kids.” In that way, they know exactly who will be getting each gift, which helps in the toy distribution. This is especially great because the prior solicitation allows for satisfying a child’s individual request. The flyer also suggests, “Let’s put a smile on Jersey City children!” This Christmas Party certainly did.

The Greenville Christmas Party TOYS GIVE-AWAY 2012 was able to make over 210 children happy for Christmas. It is a wonderful life!

Just see how big the smiles are on the faces of Greenville staff members Mary Bronner and Ronalee Chatman!