Location: Main Library, First Floor
Phone: (201) 547 - 4519
Department Supervisor: Francina Stevens
Chief Librarian: Hussein Odeh

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The Library encourages all parents and children to use our facilities. However, please note that adults without children are not permitted inside the Bonetti Children’s room - this is for the safety of our children.

Computers in the Bonetti Children’s Room are strictly for children to use and are filtered for their usage. Adults are to use the computers in other departments.

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Children's Room Events
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Fall Preschool 2016 Story Hours (PDF)

Story Time @ the Children's Room

December 2016 Calendar (PDF)

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The Jersey City Free Public Library provides Dial-A-Story for all wishing to hear bedtime stories. With this bedtime story service for children, parents and caregivers are able to “let their fingers do the walking” to the nearest telephone. Dial-A-Story offers bedtime pre-recorded stories for children, in English and in Spanish. Anyone wanting to hear a favorite children’s story – and even some new ones! – may call our specially designated phone number for: Dial-A-Story (201) 547-4604


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